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Enjoy and discover what León can offer you

Ponferrada, located in the heart of the El Bierzo region of Castile and Leon, becomes the ideal starting point to explore and discover a variety of fascinating places. Here are our recommendations:
Las Médulas
Las Médulas is an impressive cultural landscape in the province of León, Spain.

It is famous for its ancient Roman gold mines, which have left a landscape of red and rugged mountains.

Today, it is a popular tourist attraction for those interested in history and natural beauty.
Peñalba de Santiago
This small and charming village located in the mountains of the region of El Bierzo, León.

Is known for its traditional architecture and cobbled streets.

It is a picturesque place with a prominent Mozarabic church and a quiet atmosphere that makes it a relaxing tourist destination.
Villafranca del Bierzo
Villafranca del Bierzo is a picturesque town located in the region of El Bierzo, León.

It is famous for being an important point on the Camino de Santiago.

Its cobbled streets, historic architecture and welcoming atmosphere make Villafranca del Bierzo an nteresting destination for pilgrims and tourists.
Molinaseca is a charming village located along the river Meruelo, also in the region of El Bierzo.

It is known for its Roman bridge, cobbled streets and typical architecture of the region.

It is another highlight on the Camino de Santiago and a perfect place to enjoy the tranquillity and the landscape.
Castle of the Templars
Located in Ponferrada, the Templar Castle is an impressive medieval fortress dating from the 12th century.

It was built by the Order of the Temple and is one of the main tourist attractions in the area.

With its towers, walls and passageways, the castle evokes a fascinating historical past.
Castle of Cornatel
This castle is located in Priaranza del Bierzo, León, and is located on top of a hill with panoramic views.

It is an ancient medieval fortress with a rich history and offers visitors the opportunity to explore its ruins and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
Palace of Canedo
The Canedo Palace is a beautiful estate and winery located in Cacabelos, León.

It is known for its wine production and offers the opportunity for guided tours and tastings.

The place has an idyllic setting and is a pleasant destination for wine lovers and those looking to enjoy nature and the landscape of the Bierzo.