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As Hotel Monreal Del Campo
A-23 PK 165 MARGEN (DIR.SUR) Monreal Del Campo 44300 Spain


The best services at your disposal.

In AS Hoteles Monreal del Campo we want you to relax and rest as much as you can, so we offer a wide selection of services to make sure you have a nice experience staying at our hotel.
Restaurant 24h
In AS Hoteles Monreal del Campo we have restaurant and hot pan service 24 hours a day to fit the needs of our clients.
The restaurant has breakfast service until 11am, lunch service from 12.30 to 4 pm and dinners from 8 pm to 23 am.
Free Wi-Fi
Our hotel has available free Wi-Fi connection through all its facilities so you can stay connected with no trouble.
In our hotel AS Hoteles Monreal del Campo, we have a shop with a wide variety of conveniences so you can continue comfortably with your route. Find everything you need to make your trip more practical and delightful.
Car park
We have a big car park area for buses travelling during the day and for you to park your car with no worries.